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Article about Top Secret hair pieces featured in Capital Living Magazine written by Kathy Freeman.

Change your look with

Top Secret Haircessory


Are you one of the 30 million women

experiencing thinning hair?  Or, are you in

the “in-between” stage of trying to grow

out a short hairstyle?  Perhaps you’re just

in the mood for a new look?


If you’ve answered yes to any of these

questions, there’s a hot new product that

will help solve your hair dilemmas.  Top

Secret Haircessory is a four-clip hair

system made of 100 percent human hair

that is hand-tied to a micro mesh base,

for a comfortable, ventilated fit.  It was

developed by Hollywood stylist Denise

Rossouw to meet the rigorous demands

of those in the entertainment industry-

actors, actresses, models and rock stars

whose job is to look good all the time.


Now, you can experience the same

instant transformation that celebrities

such as Jennifer Lopez and Janet

Jackson have right here in the Capital

Region at Allusions Hair Salon on Route

9 in Latham, the only salon in the area

that carry the product.


Owner Kathy Freeman first learned about Haircessory at a seminar a few years ago.


“It’s a great alternative to adding to your hair if you have fine texture hair,” she said.


Haircessory is available in 23 colors, including highlights and can be custom-matched to your color.  It can be shaped to your hairstyle or added in to create layers.


The advantages of this product versus a wig is that it is much lighter and doesn’t feel heavy on the hair.  It’s usually shaped into your hairstyle, can be curled or permed and shampooed and dried.  It is so comfortable that you can even go swimming with it.


For those people with hair loss due to a medical reason, you only need two inches of hair to work with.  Many of Freeman’s clients are those suffering from thinning hair, like Betsy Epstein of the Berkshires.  She has used powders and sprays in the past, but found them messy and annoying.  When a friend told her about the product being sold at Allusions, she made the trip and is now a satisfied client.


“I love the hair piece and I can wash and dry it myself,” she said.  “I am very pleased and may get another one next year with a little longer hair.”


The cost ranges between $400-$1020 and the product will last between three and four years, depending on the care.


Interested clients meet with Freeman for a private consult, where you get to try several different ones on and are shown a video on how to care for them.


Haircessory is a great alternative to pricey extensions, which are sewn, glued or fused in and have to be removed professionally.


“This is also an extension, but the difference is that the client has the option to take it on or off,” said Freeman.



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